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The Galaxy range from Samsung has a new addition in the form of the Galaxy Fit S5670. It+s a mid–range Android phone offering loads of high–end features for relatively little money. It runs on Android 2.2 Froyo as opposed to the latest 2.3 Gingerbread but that+s likely to make no difference to Galaxy Fit users as the upgrades in 2.3 are minor.

It has a large screen, 3.3 inches, with an accelerometer, proximity sensor, Swype text input, TouchWiz use interface and a nicely rounded shape which makes it comfortable to hold. All of the usual connectivity options are present including HSDPA, Wi–Fi and GPS. There+s a 5 megapixel camera, and Samsung+s Social Hub app collates all messages and social network updates into one timeline.

The cost of the Galaxy Fit has been cut by using a lower resolution display of 240x320 pixels. This can make very small text hard to read on some web pages, but only for those who have good vision. Most other things look fine and unless the screen is compared side–by–side with something like a Samsung Galaxy S II or an iPhone 4, most people wouldn+t notice the lower resolution when using this phone day to day. The processer is slower than some of the more expensive Android phones, running at 600MHz. However the user interface is smooth and responsive and only the most power–hungry Android apps are likely to be affected.

Overall, at the time of launch the Galaxy Fit is one of the best–value Androids available.

Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670

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