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About Apple iPhone 8 Plus - Review, Specs + more

With the iPhone 8 Plus you get the larger version of the iPhone 8 smartphone from Apple. The most important updates include wireless charging, the dual camera and the fleet A11 processor.

Apple created a whole new market 10 years ago with the first iPhone. Since then, smartphones have become indispensable in everyday life. As regular as clockwork every year, it seems there is a reissue of the popular classic from Cupertino, California. Here you will find out everything about the new iPhone 8 Plus and how to compare prices to get the best monthly deal.

Summary of contents:
  1. What has changed?
  2. iPhone 8 Plus: Faster processor
  3. Double the cameras
  4. How much does an iPhone 8 Plus cost on contract?


What has changed?

At first glance, the 8 Plus resembles the predecessor model "iPhone 7 Plus" down to the smallest detail. The Home button is still mounted below the display and also serves as a fingerprint sensor, the so-called Touch ID technology. The large screen still has the same 5.5-inch diagonal and Retina HD resolution.

TrueTone is a new feature that automatically adjusts the colours of the display according to the ambient light. For example, the screen is not as blu-ish in the evening as other devices. Besides normal gestures for control, the iPhone also supports 3D Touch - to perform additional actions, simply press the display and additional information or menus will appear.

Tempered glass is truly stunning

The first major innovation is on the back funnily enough; this is now made of tempered glass and makes wireless charging possible for the first time. Simply place the device on the now widely used QI charger and the battery level indicator fills up.

Front and back are connected by a metal frame. This is made of aluminum, which, according to Apple marketing garb, is made from the same metals as used in space travel. The gaps are so small that the entire device is protected against dust and splash water.

iPhone 8 Plus: Faster processor

The following colour options are available for you with memory sizes of either 64 GB or 256 GB:

  1. Silver
  2. Space grey
  3. Gold

The performance of the phone has been significantly improved compared to the previous model. This is mainly due to the new processor, which Apple has placed into a phone for the first time. The A11 bionic chip is 25% faster than the iPhone 7 Plus. The integrated graphics unit even delivers an increase of 30% speed.

Double the cameras

However, the biggest jumps were made by the camera and photo quality — in contrast to the standard version of the iPhone 8, the Plus has a dual camera. With the 12 megapixel camera you have both a wide-angle and a telephoto lens available. Optical image stabilisation and aperture shutter speed have been optimised too.

The new port mode allows you an adjust perfectly the lighting conditions, and go live when taking pictures and not afterwards. For example, you shoot pictures with only one face visible and the background automatically turns black - it is quite incredible!

The smaller iPhone 8 (non Plus) model might be worth considering if you don't need all the features or size of the "Plus" version - it does work out slightly cheaper per month. Compare regular iPhone 8 deals here.

As for the design, it does start to feel like Apple could have done more here. The iPhone 8 didn't really move things on much in terms of that familar design, and Apple were criticised at the time for not innovating enough. There wasn't an iPhone 9, so the iPhone X range which followed did certainly shake up the design front a little.

How much does an iPhone 8 Plus cost on contract?

Generally the iPhone 8 Plus (or any of the Plus/Max models) should be considered if you want that little bit extra — whether that is more screen size, or more power, or just a bigger handset. If you find that the iPhone 8 is too small or underpowered then it might be worth paying a little extra.

Another model to consider instead, might be the newer iPhone Xr which is the cheapest of the newer models.

Or the iPhone 11 (non Pro versions) is perhaps worth a quick comparison to check, as there are some cheap deals available on this too already.

The iPhone 8 Plus can be bought on contract for a minimum of £15, for a 24 month contract, although there is an upfront fee to pay. Adjust the sliders above to find your optimum deal with oneCompare.


  • Is the iPhone 8 still a good buy?
  • What colours are for the Iphone 8?
  • How much is the iPhone 8 today?

Is the iPhone 8 still a good buy?

For sure. It's getting a bit older now but it has all the key iPhone features you need for everyday use. That's why it was and still is one of the best-selling iPhones ever.

What colours are for the Iphone 8?

You can get, for the UK market, a huge range of colours including productRED (the charity version, basically red), classically cool millennial favourite "Rose Gold" and lots more. Silver is probably the most popular colour.

How much is the iPhone 8 today?

On contract, it costs a ridiculously cheap £10 a month, and that is with a lot of data. The iPhone 8 is still a retro-cool phone so we'd really highly recommend it if you don't need all the latest modern bells and whistles that you might get with the iPhone 11 for example.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus: Specifications

  • Case
  • Dimensions: 158.4 x 78.1 x 7.5 mm
  • Weight: 202 g
  • Operating System
  • Platform: iOS
  • Operating System: iOS 11
  • Display
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Display Type: Retina HD display
  • Display Size: 5.5
  • Performance
  • Memory Card:
  • Memory Card Slot: None
  • Chipset: Apple A11 Bionic
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Autonomy
  • Battery Type: Non-removable
  • Camera
  • Front Camera: 7 MP
  • Back Camera: 12 MP
  • Connection
  • Connection Type: 4G
  • GPS:
  • GPS Type: A-GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS
  • SIM Capacity: 1
  • Network
  • WIFI:
  • WIFI Type: 802.11 b/g/n/ac
  • WIFI Hotspot:
  • Bluetooth:
  • Bluetooth Type: 5.0 with A2DP, LE
  • USB: