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About Fairphone 3 - Review, Specs + more

Well, it had to happen sooner or later.  A sustainable smartphone made of conflict-free materials - is that even possible? Yes, says the Dutch manufacturer Fairphone and introduces its new sustainable smartphone, the Fairphone 3. We have already tried out a prototype of the modular mobile phone, thanks to Fairphone, and all of us here at oneCompare are pleasantly surprised especially in terms of the camera and display.

Fairphone 3 - Design

Granted, we've seen nicer smartphones. The Fairphone 3 is indeed thinner than its predecessor Fairphone 2, but compared to many current flagships still relatively thick. The workmanship is acceptable, the plastic back feels, however, not too high-quality. In addition, the transitions are sharp-edged and the display has relatively wide edges. But enough of the negatives, actually, what's behind the design makes the Fairphone stand out says the Guardian - look beyond the design.

As Fairphone states in its press release, "the smartphone industry has created some of the world's most serious environmental and human rights issues", so against this background, the design very quickly becomes insignificant.

If you're concerned about the damage that our consumer lifestyle has on the environment, then the Fairphone 3 might be the best solution. Compare monthly prices on the Fairphone 3 with oneCompare using the table & filters above.

Fairphone 3 Price in UK?

The Fairphone 3 costs £429 in the UK, or about £25 a month on contract.