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About Google Pixel 3a - Review, Specs + more

Enter the Google Pixel 3a, the cheapest smartphone in the Pixel series so far. The most important thing to note is that Google has clearly listened to the price criticism of previous models, and this mid-range device uses the powerful camera technology of the more expensive Pixel 3 but has a few compromises you should be aware of.

Don't forget its larger brother the Google Pixel 3a XL.


Google Pixel 3a:  great camera with few limitations

According to numerous reviews online, you'll probably know already that the main camera was already pretty good  in Google Pixel 3. Now the same technology is also available in the form of the much cheaper Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL.

Unlike its competitors Samsung, Huawei or Apple, Google here does not rely on a multi-camera system, but on a single camera. It resolves to a total of 12.2 megapixels and covers a 76° focal viewpoint. This roughly corresponds to a 28mm wide angle in the small picture format and is thus far enough to be suitable for most photos, including group selfies.

Also, the optical image stabiliser and the autofocus with dual-pixel technology have been adopted. Combined, both of these promise not only jitter-free 4K videos, but also photos with precise and nicely defined sharpness. According to oure reviewer, the Pixel 3a delivers as good results as the Pixel 3 in daylight as well as at dusk.

Stripped down front camera

A depth of field lens is integrated, which provides an aesthetic background blur in portrait mode. By software you can even adjust the depth of field individually to the subject. This also applies to the detailed and natural looking night vision mode. Only the resolution of the super res zoom can not keep up with the optical telephoto zoom of the more expensive multi camera models like the new iPhone 11.

One slight negative tohugh, and for that we need to look at the front camera: compared to the more expensive Pixel 3 model, a dual camera for the wide-angle and telephoto, the Pixel 3a user must be satisfied with a single 8-megapixel camera only. This captures an average image angle of 84 °.

Pixel 3a: OLED display, no notch

In terms of display, the chic Notch design is reserved for the expensive Pixel 3 model but that doesn't really matter when you consider the quality of the screen here - it's OLED, and superfine quality. Google clearly have gone all-in with this. With a screen size of 5.6 inches, it is only minimally larger than the touch screen of the Pixel 3.

Due to the elongated 18.5: 9 aspect ratio, the Full HD+ screen boasts a total of 2220 × 1080 pixels. Google has looked to saved on the casing, that much is obvious: compared to its more expensive counterpart, the rear is not made of glass but of plastic. This doesn't have such a nice "handfeel" but it's a compromise that is worth it to reduce the price point down.

Pixel 3a deals: Less is more

On to the battery, Google claims you can use the smartphone for up to a day, it is equipped with a comparatively large 3000 mAh battery. The included 18 watt adapter also ensures that it is quickly recharged via USB-C port. There is no wireless charging, on the other hand, and this is just as impossible as using dual-SIM (both not supported).

Thanks to the 3.5 mm jack, conventional headphones can be connected though - it was great of Google to keep this, unlike Apple.

Our Verdict/Conclusion

The Google Pixel 3a is a solid mid-range smartphone whose main camera goes well beyond the standard class. With regard to the hardware, however, some compromises have to be made - specifically, the housing is made of plastic, the front camera comes without dual function and a memory expansion isn't possible. 

What the Google Pixel 3a does offer is  something that is quite often not present in other mid-range smartphones: the brilliant OLED display. In this respect, the price-performance ratio means it makes sense to consider the 3a or its larger brother the 3a XL.

Google Pixel 3a Price

In the UK the Pixel 3a costs £399. However it is possible to get this cheaper now , as the post-launch prices have since fallen.  On contract you can get a Google Pixel 3a on pay monthly contract for £15.99 a month with Vodafone.

Google Pixel 3a: Specifications

  • Case
  • Dimensions: 151.3 x 70.1 x 8.2 mm
  • Weight: 147 g
  • Operating System
  • Platform: Android
  • Operating System: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Display
  • Resolution: 1080 x 2220
  • Performance
  • Memory Card:
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Autonomy
  • Battery Capacity: 3000
  • Camera
  • Front Camera: 8 MP
  • Back Camera: 12.2 MP
  • Connection
  • Connection Type: 4G
  • GPS:
  • SIM Capacity: 1
  • Network
  • WIFI:
  • WIFI Hotspot:
  • Bluetooth:
  • USB: