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About Google Pixel 5 5G - Review, Specs + more

Google Pixel 5 5GGoogle have used their latest smartphone – the Pixel 5 5G – to make the wished of their customers come true. They’ve listened to the raves and criticisms about previous models, and have come up with something special.

When it comes to the Google Pixel 5G, there are no unnecessary extras. Instead the tech giant has decided to keep things simple by providing useful features that are completely solid. The main features of the Pixel 5 include:

  • 6-inch FHD and OLED display
  • 12MP camera
  • 5G support

Unlike the majority of other smartphones available on the market, the Google Pixel 5 comes only in one size. The device has a 6-inch screen and weighs just 151g. As a result, it sits very comfortably in the hand compared to the flagship models of most other tech giants. It does however look noticeably smaller compared to other smartphones within this price range.

The phone is made of aluminium but is coated in a matt plastic; the object of which is to prevent fingerprints from showing. The Pixel 5 comes in only two colours – sage and black. Unlike previous Pixel models, the Pixel 5 5G is water resistant to IP68. There’s no headphone jack on the latest Pixel model, however this is pretty normal amongst the majority of smartphones now.

Google Pixel 5 5G colours

Google Pixel 5 5G Camera and Display

The Pixel 5 has a full HD + OLED display with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels and a frame rate of 90Hz. Considering the size of the screen, this allows for a detailed display with smooth movement. The display has a high maximum brightness, meaning that it is easy to view in even the brightest condition.

When it comes to the camera, Google have always focused on making the camera on their Pixels as solid as possible. The Pixel 5 features a 12MP main camera which has a Sony IMX36 sensor. It also has a two-phase auto focus and f/1.7 aperture with a 77-degree view. The optical image stabilization feature also prevents blurry photos. The dual camera also allows the Pixel 5 to record video in full HD with up to 240 frames per second, or 4K video with up to 60 frames per second. One of the best features about the Pixel 5 camera is the night mode – it is thought to be one of the best available on any smartphone to date.

Google Pixel 5 5G


Google Pixel 5 5G Battery and Processor

Google have responded to criticism of the Pixel 4 about the battery being too small by equipping the Pixel 5 with a powerful 4,080 mAh battery which can achieve 9.5 hours of runtime. In the same test, the Google Pixel 4 runtime was only 5.5 hours. Another great feature of the Pixel 5 5G is the fact that it can be charged wirelessly. Reverse charging is also supported, which means that you can use the Pixel as a power source to charge other devices.

All of the above is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 processor, which isn’t the most powerful, but it is up to the job. Overall if you’re looking for a solid, powerful smartphone then the Google Pixel 5 is sure to not disappoint.