Will Apple resurrect the iPhone SE?

The Apple iPhone SE, also known as the Special Edition, was a 9th Generation iPhone.

Released in 2016, the SE quickly became a favourite due to its convenient small size. Bigger isn’t always better, and many users preferred the pocket-sized SE model with its 4-inch screen. It was a popular choice until it was discontinued in 2018.

The SE was described as Apple’s ‘most affordable iPhone’, but was also popular because it was easy to use with one hand!

– Is the iPhone SE coming back?

Many people were disappointed when the iPhone SE was discontinued. So, it’s no surprise that Apple is hinting towards a return of the budget iPhone.

But, the new budget iPhone is unlikely to be just like the original SE. Instead the focus is on price, with Apple looking to claw back users that have moved to cheaper brands like Xiaomi and Huawei.

With competitors packing in features at a much lower price point, Apple products now only cover a luxury market for those with money to spare.

The new budget iPhone is expected to be more like the iPhone 8, with a 4.7in screen that’s slightly larger than the original iPhone SE. It will have many favourite features, but with a price tag that’s more in line with overseas competition.

– When can we expect the new iPhone to be released?

It’s likely that the latest low-cost iPhone will be released in Spring 2020.

Those waiting for a new version of the 2016 iPhone SE will likely be disappointed. The larger screen size means that this new device will not be a compact mobile phone, but instead a more affordable alternative to the iPhone 11 when it’s released.

Meanwhile, anyone that’s happier with a larger screen might love this low-cost iPhone. If it’s designed as people expect, then it will have many of the features available on 2018 iPhones in a brand new 4.7in device.

The new budget iPhone, being touted as the Apple iPhone SE 2, will give buyers a bigger choice.

Will you opt for the top-of-the-range iPhone 11, with all of the latest hardware and software? Or, will you stick to a budget and consider Apple’s new budget iPhone instead?

Photo: Iphone SE by fototsubu licensed under Creative commons 5

4 hidden tricks found in the Samsung Galaxy S10

Every phone has their hidden tricks and uses. They may include shortcuts to open apps or buttons which help call upon handy processes; here are four things you probably didn’t know that the Samsung Galaxy S10 can do.

1. Wirelessly charge another device

It was one of the more prominently advertised features of the Samsung Galaxy S10; however, not many users know how to take full advantage of the process. The new feature, exclusive to Galaxy S10 phones, is initiated by pulling down the notifications bar in order to tap the “Wireless PowerShare” icon. Then simply lay your Galaxy S10 on its face and place any phone on top of the Galaxy S10 phone to begin charging.

2. Add portrait photo effects before or after taking photos

With the Galaxy S10 you can add effects such as blur, spot colour, zoom and spin effects on your portrait photos. Simply switch to Live Focus mode then tap on one of the camera effects to apply it. You can also add effects to previous photos by tapping “change background effect” and choosing from one of four effects.

3. Line up photos to get the best frame

Using this new feature, Galaxy S10 users can ensure that their photos are shot straight and not crooked. The process shows a yellow line in the viewfinder to show whether your phone is being held on an angle. To auto-align your photos, open the camera app, tap the settings “gear” icon and toggle on “shot suggestions.”

4. Create a you-moji

Samsung’s predecessor to Apple’s Memjoji got a refresh in the Galaxy S10 Plus. Using the phone’s AR capabilities, the phone allows you to make a 3D emoji of yourself as a man, woman, girl or boy. You can also produce digital beings such as dinosaurs. To use this tool, open the camera and flip to selfie mode. Tap “AR Emoji” at the top to begin.

So, if you’ve recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S10, or are close to purchasing one, make sure to check out these tricks in order to make your user experience even greater.

Photo: Android by dungodung licensed under Creative commons 5

Everything that you need to know about 5G in the UK

Whilst it may seem like 4G availability is still far from universal, the major UK carriers are already starting to roll out their 5G networks. This new technology promises faster download speeds that could, in some cases, outstrip the broadband speed available in your home. New Samsung Galaxy models and iPhones that support 5G standards are either on the market already or coming soon and the upgrade will impact you whether you’re looking for new mobile contracts or a new phone.

The pricing model

Some UK carriers, such as Vodafone and EE, are expected to use the launch of 5G as an excuse to create a new and premium tier of services. Vodafone has already announced that there will be a throttled version of its 5G services available at a lower price, only customers who choose to upgrade their service and pay more for their mobile phone contract will be able to take full advantage of their 5G service. The Three network, on the other hand, has decided that all customers will be upgraded to the new 5G service as soon as they have a mobile handset that is capable of supporting it. This means that customers who are using a SIM-only deal for instance that offers good value will not have to move to a new contract in order to receive 5G service from Three.

Where will 5G service be available?

As with the 4G rollout, 5G service will initially be concentrated in major cities in the UK. This means that customers who spend time in the city centre of Manchester, London, Edinburgh and other large cities will be among the first who can use 5G services. Rollout to other parts of the country is likely to take a little longer, although it is likely that towns along major transport corridors will be able to access the service more quickly. With even 3G service still tricky to get hold of in some parts of the country, the rollout process for 5G is likely to be a long one.

Photo: iPhone by vreimunde licensed under Creative commons 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Everything you need to know

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is one of the Samsung smartphones released in 2019 together with Note 10+ and the Note 10+ 5G. The Galaxy Note 10 was made available for pre-order as from August 8 with sales starting on August 23. Before buying the phone, it is important to know what to expect from it.

Samsung has removed some features from its previous Note models while at the same time adding new ones. The Galaxy Note series mobile phones have been known for big screens. However, the latest entrant, the Galaxy Note 10, has a smaller screen of 6.3 inches. It is lighter, thinner, and more compact. The mobile phone has a RAM of 8GB, storage of 256GB, and a 3500mAh battery capacity. The Galaxy Note 10 will sap less power and offer better battery life. Apart from the 15W fast wireless charging, Note 10 can be charged with a 25 or 45-Watt charger from 0% to 100% in less than one hour. It uses the Android 9 Pie version that is supported by Samsung One UI.

The biggest enhancement in the Galaxy Note 10 is arguably the S-Pen, which now includes air gestures. With the gestures, Note 10 users will be able to do things like changing camera modes or converting handwriting to text with just a wave of their hands! The mobile phone has an improved camera for recording videos as well as a simpler way to mirror it on a personal computer with a seamless and better desktop experience. The camera, which has wide, telephoto and ultra-wide lenses, is similar to that of Galaxy S10. The improvement in video recording is due to the new live focus effects that have been added.

Galaxy Note 10 also comes with some trade-offs. Samsung has removed features such as the micro SD card slot and the headphone jack though the former is still available in the Note 10+. On the positive side, the USB-C headphones provide a better experience through noise cancellation. Samsung has manufactured the sleek and remarkable Note 10 in four colours; aura blue, black, glow, and white. With improved displays, performance, and features the Galaxy Note 10 is another great addition to the Note series you should consider buying.

Photo: Samsung Logo by Jami3.org licensed under Creative commons 6

What Should You Expect With iPhone 11?

Last year, Apple released three iPhones, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. Apple is known to release a new range of iPhones every September, and 2019 won’t be any different.

Rumours about the 2019 iPhones began before iPhone XR and iPhone XS were announced. With rumours of iPhone 11 being released this year, here’s everything you need to know about the design, specs, features, release date, and more.


The 2019 iPhone design rumours suggest that the back will have a camera bump in the rear top corner. Predictions state that the phone will have a single piece of glass, and will feature a flash unit and several camera lenses. The multi-sensor camera setup is something you’ll find in the Huawei P30 Pro and Galaxy S10.

In terms of screen technology, reports suggest that Apple will stick to the 5.8 and 6.5-inch screen sizes like in the XS and XS Max. The iPhone 11 is likely to stick to OLED technology, rather than the LCD.


The iPhone 11 will be the first to run on iOS 13. According to the Wall Street Journal, the 2019 line-up will feature three models, with one LCD variant and two OLED. The XR successor will have a dual-camera system.

Rumours also suggest that the 2019 iPhone will have something similar to Samsung’s Powershare. That means that the iPhone can wirelessly charge AirPods or the Apple Watch. While the screen size will remain the same, this may change in 2020, where the company will introduce new screen sizes.


Apple works with Taiwan Semiconductor to supply processors for its iPhones. There are rumours that the new iPhone will have an A13 Bionic Chip, which could mean better graphics performance and excellent processing power.


Although there are no reports on the official price of the new iPhone, chances are it will be something similar to last year’s models. We expect the price to start at $1,000, and go up for a larger screen and extra storage. Storage could start at 64GB, with additional options for 256 GB and 512GB.

The new iPhone 11 may look similar to the current models. However, this may change in 2020 as Apple plans to introduce frosted glass casing and 5G support.

Photo: iPhone by GONZALO BAEZA licensed under Creative commons 4

Leaked details emerge of three new iPhones for 2019

Reports of plans to launch three new iPhone models later this year have been leaked online. But on the back of recent lacklustre launches from Apple, those who have seen the devices appear to have been less than inspired.

Judging by the details in 9to5Mac’s article, it appears as if the next generation of iPhone will continue the trend set last year of tweaking the model to target specific market segments rather than the launch of anything ground-breaking.

No giant leap forward

The 2018 launch of the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max were greeted with something of a sense of deflation, offering no huge leap on what had come before. The new models will be named the iPhone 11 series but will come with largely the same display technology as the current generation.

Though they will offer incrementally advanced processors and cameras, the follow-up to the iPhone XS and XS Max will again feature an OLED Retina display and the successor to the iPhone XR will retain Apple’s lower resolution Liquid Retina display. All three of the models will feature the same screen resolution as their predecessors.

Cameras lagging behind Samsung and Huawei

Citing “people who have seen the phones”, the 9to5Mac report appears to confirm that each of the successors will come with three rear-facing cameras, one of which will include a wide-angle lens. A new “Smart Frame” feature will bring additional options for taking wide-angle photos.

Apple has historically lagged behind the likes of Huawei and Samsung in terms of camera technology and despite advances in software the leaks appear to conclude that photos from the new models will remain a little way behind the market leaders.

The new phones will feature Apple’s homegrown A13 chip and appear to signal a shift away from the company’s 3D Touch technology with the launch of a new Taptic Engine which will bring pressure-sensitive capabilities to the display. Despite rumours to the contrary, the phones will retain a USB-C port. The three new models are due to be launched in the autumn.

Rumours of new iPads from Apple in 2019

As we approach the arrival of Apple’s annual hardware announcements, people are preparing themselves for a host of new products to enjoy. The signs are telling us that more than one of the new products will be iPads. Documents from the Eurasian Economic Commission (ECC) were discovered by a tech website indicating that there could be as many as 5 new iPads to look forward to.

New models spotted

The model numbers that were spotted to have been listed among Apple’s new certifications were A2068, A2198, A2230, A2197 and A2228. There is little in the way of details regarding what these unnamed devices are, but one telling piece of information is that the models will be supplied with iPadOS 13, which does all but confirm that they are new iPad releases.

The question, then, is what these models will be like. There have long been rumours circulating of the launch of a slightly larger iPad at 10.2 inches, replacing the current 9.7-inch iPad that has been on the market for over a year. With regards to what the other models might include, there has been talk of a brand new 10.5-inch iPad with a never-before-seen design. Some have even spoken about a large foldable iPad, complete with 5G compatibility, but that device isn’t expected until 2020.

Analysing latest releases

The safe bet would be on a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The most high-end of Apple’s tablets underwent a substantial overhaul in 2018, but with that now being more than a year old, it’s a good candidate for a revamp. Earlier this year, we saw overhauls to the iPad Mini and iPad Air models with new, powerful A12 Bionic chips, alongside other impressive upgrades. It is therefore unlikely that Apple would revisit these two models after such a short time since those updates, though it’s impossible to be sure.

Tim Cook usually comes to the stage to make the latest announcements early in September. This means we are just a couple of months away from learning out the true identity of these mysterious new tablets, so look out for the rumour mill to start spinning into overdrive.

Galaxy S10 is overpriced and won’t sell – prediction

You probably have seen the leaks by now, but we are disappointed. It’s just another camera phone but this time they’ve done a Gillette Mach3 and added loads of unncessary cameras, in a game of one upmanship. Boring.

However, the big takeaway from this render is the combination of a near bezel-less display with a single lens ‘cutout’ front camera which is in-line with Samsung’s new Infinity-O screens. It will sit in the right corner of the display and be merged with the status bar – a concept render of how this will be done can be seen below.

On the back is a new triple camera array with both zoom and super wide-angle lenses joining the main shooter. By contrast, the larger Galaxy S10+ and the still – code named Beyond X, will feature dual front cameras and up to four rear cameras.

How confident is Ghostek in its information on the standard S10? To the extent that it is now modelling its cases ahead of finalising mass production. In fact, the case you can see in the image above is the company’s Covert2 slim-line which is already commercially available for the Galaxy and iPhone ranges.

EXPOSED: Mobile Phone Cashback offers are scams

IF YOU haven’t heard by now, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is being offered for sale with a £100 “cashback” offer, also known as a rebate. Too good to be true , many people are wondering what is the catch or if it’s a scam.

How do these things work…? The simple answer is that they rely on people not claiming back the cashback. Remember that you don’t get the cashback instantly, you have to wait for a certain period before you can claim.

Let’s say there are 10,000 people using this Samsung Galaxy S9 offer. If 1 in 3 people forget to claim, then that leaves around 6,660 people left.

From those, let’s say that half of them are ineligible to apply and get rejected. This is normally because the small-print is restrictive – examples include:

  • Applying before the start date for claims
  • Applying after the deadline has closed
  • Not sending Samsung/promoter all of the information requested
  • Not providing proof of purchase or proof of ownership
  • and many more.

So this then leaves about 3,300 out of 10,000 people who successfully claim back the cashback. This is how Samsung and other promoters can afford to run such cashback schemes. And lots of people think they are dodgy.

So are they a scam? Well they are legal. But not very well received by lots of people who often forgot or don’t bother. It is often said that you should not buy something just to get the cashback for these reasons!

Here are OneCompare’s tips:

Read the terms and conditions again. It sounds stupid, but you really must read them over and over again! Read through them until you remember it all clearly and understand the terms fully. If you don’t follow the terms correctly then it will cost you literally hundreds of pounds and only you will be to blame.

Make sure you have everything you need. If the terms and conditions say you need cashback claim vouchers then make sure you have received them. Most companies only give you 7 or 14 days to request missing vouchers, and they’ll regularly allow them to go “missing” where possible. Also, some companies require you have a receipt or dispatch note to send in or a copy of it with each claim. Check this in the terms and conditions and if you need one make sure you have it. If anything is missing don’t hesitate to get in touch with the company!

Remind yourself — Set reminders. Lots of them. Write it in your diary. Add it to your phone’s reminder system. Stick post-it notes everywhere. Add reminders in your email program. Sign up to a reminder service such as www.memotome.com who will send you emails at the necessary time. Whatever it takes.

Keep it all safe. Put all of your documentation, including bills, vouchers, printed terms and conditions, copies of any written communication with the company, etc all together and in a safe place. Don’t forget where they are or allow it all to get spread around the house!

Samsung Galaxy S10 cheaper than the S9 model – true or false?

IT MAY SEEM too good to be true , OneCompare heard a rumour that the S9 model can be had for less (overall) than the S8, even though the S8 is a year older. Costs on the Samsung Galaxy S9 never truly appear to remain still, there is dependably another offer that conveys this gadget down to its most minimal cost yet and these two arrangements indicate exactly how shoddy this lead can get. Spoiler alert…one will make them pay under £500 over a multi year contract!

Because of a twofold risk of a cashback bargain coordinate from Samsung and tumbling duties from Mobiles, you can get your decision of extraordinary esteem S9 bargains. For just £40 forthright (when you use voucher code 10OFF code) and £23 every month you can get the S9 with 3GB of information on O2. That is as of now truly shoddy yet when you incorporate the £100 cashback you can at present get from Samsung (more subtleties on which beneath), it’s out and out a flat out deal.

Insufficient information for you? Or then again perhaps you’re only edgy to get your arrangement on EE. That is no issue since Mobiles likewise has a shoddy S9 offer with triple the information. For £30 forthright (with TechRadar’s selective TECH20 code) and £28 per month you can get the S9 with 9GB of information. What’s more, much the same as with the arrangement above you can drop that £100 cashback to finish everything.

So is it true?

Yes, it is. But you have to be savvy with your purchase and make sure you claim the Samsung cashback. As anyone knows who has tried to claim back money via cashback you have to jump through hoops — if you aren’t the type of person to remember then write it down somewhere!