Everything that you need to know about 5G in the UK

Whilst it may seem like 4G availability is still far from universal, the major UK carriers are already starting to roll out their 5G networks. This new technology promises faster download speeds that could, in some cases, outstrip the broadband speed available in your home. New Samsung Galaxy models and iPhones that support 5G standards […]

Rumours of new iPads from Apple in 2019

As we approach the arrival of Apple’s annual hardware announcements, people are preparing themselves for a host of new products to enjoy. The signs are telling us that more than one of the new products will be iPads. Documents from the Eurasian Economic Commission (ECC) were discovered by a tech website indicating that there could […]

Galaxy S10 is overpriced and won’t sell – prediction

You probably have seen the leaks by now, but we are disappointed. It’s just another camera phone but this time they’ve done a Gillette Mach3 and added loads of unncessary cameras, in a game of one upmanship. Boring. However, the big takeaway from this render is the combination of a near bezel-less display with a […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 cheaper than the S9 model – true or false?

IT MAY SEEM too good to be true , OneCompare heard a rumour that the S9 model can be had for less (overall) than the S8, even though the S8 is a year older. Costs on the Samsung Galaxy S9 never truly appear to remain still, there is dependably another offer that conveys this gadget […]