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About Nokia 7.2 - Review, Specs + more

If you don't want a Samsung, but are looking for a mid-range phone that is well equipped, you're probably thinking along the lines of the Pixel 3A. But don't overlook Nokia, with this phone -  the 7.2 - they've created a particularly well-packed mid range smartphone with a suitably budget price. And you can get it from only £12 a month, on contract with EE or O2 for example.

But it is worth considering this phone over any of the others in the (now crowded) mid-range space? Read on to find out...

Summary of contents
  1. Cheap but well equipped
  2. Display of the Nokia 7.2
  3. A new approach?
  4. Under the bonnet
  5. Nokia 7.2 Price in UK

Cheap but well equipped

The Nokia 7.2 may be a budget/mid range phone but it doesn't feel like it when sitting in your hand. Indeed, the smooth matte like finish is reminiscent of the iPhone 11 Pro - which costs almost 4x as much as this handset! It's also really grippy so you shouldn't need to worry about dropping it.

The bezels are pretty smooth as well, and the fingerprint sensor (only one) is placed firmly in the centre of the rear face; this is a clever design as it's pretty much right where people most will rest their index finger anyway. One word of warning here though, the camera just above it does protrude quite a lot, as does the sensor; you'll need to be careful when placing the 7.2 down on a hard surface such as a table (or buy a suitable protective cover).

Display of the Nokia 7.2

Nowadays it's pretty much a requirement for a high-end smartphone to have an OLED screen, and sadly the Nokia doesn't have one unlike the Pixel. But don't go getting too upset yet, because the LCD screen in the Nokia is pretty decent. The blacks and colours are rich and deep, and this feels more like a premium LCD screen that is actually is.

HDR content has even more pop, with visibly brighter highlights, and Nokia's PureDisplay upscaling gives SDR video a bit more clarity too, although it won't be shaming flagship phones any time soon. In terms of specs of the screen, you get a 2280x1080 resolution, the same as last year's Nokia 7.1, but here it's stretched over a slightly larger 6.3in panel.

There seems to be a division forming in terms of how many megapixels are enough - and what balance to get, where the software can instead replicate or "upscale" images, rather than just packing in the megapixels. Nokia here have gone for the latter approach here, the 7.2 has a whopping 48megapixel camera on offer, and a 8 megapixel ultra-wide lens giving full bokeh effect as well. Both of these have Zeiss optics as standard, and there's also not to be forgotten a 20MP camera for selfies on the front.

A new approach?

Nokia have really pushed the boat out here with the camera offerings and we're glad. It is obviously keen on competing with the likes of other phones in this segment such as the Honor 20. 

It is still some way behind the Pixel 3A though - and the newly launched Pixel 4 once it drops in price will probably also be a competitor to the 7.2 in time.  Other than that though, it's still a great phone. Clearly it's aimed at the younger/youth market -- the so-called, Instagram generation, who above all value camera ease of use. And here the Nokia promises a lot, although not everyone is impressed as this review notes.

Under the bonnet

As we said earlier, the Nokia 7.2 is a mid-level phone with a budget price. So, don't expect flagship-level power from a phone costing a quarter of the price  of one - such as the iPhone 11 or P30 Pro - and you'll get on fine with the Nokia 7.2.

The Qualcomm 600 CPU and 4GB of RAM inside is more than enough for the kinds of apps you'll spend most of your time using. Swap YouTube and Twitter for something more demanding, though, and you'll hit the limitations of the budget chipset.

Nokia 7.2 Price in UK

The 7.2 is available to buy now, and only comes in Charcoal Grey at launch, but Nokia are said to be releasing new colours shortly. It's available to purchase on contract from £18 a month, although if you prefer to buy it outright it'll set you back a very reasonable £299. Currently, the 7.2 is available - like most Nokias - on the major UK networks like EE, O2,  Vodafone and more. Compare the monthly price above by dragging the filters to find your optimum plan!