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Prices last checked:
OnePlus 7 Pro: 128GB
  • Term 24 months
  • Data 100GB
  • Minutes Unlimited
per month
upfront cost


OnePlus 7 Pro: 128GB
  • Term 24 months
  • Data 4GB
  • Minutes Unlimited
per month
upfront cost


OnePlus 7 Pro: 128GB
  • Term 24 months
  • Data 12GB
  • Minutes Unlimited
per month
upfront cost


OnePlus 7 Pro: 128GB
  • Term 24 months
  • Data 30GB
  • Minutes Unlimited
per month
upfront cost


OnePlus 7 Pro: 128GB
  • Term 24 months
  • Data Unlimited
  • Minutes Unlimited
per month
upfront cost


About OnePlus 7 Pro - Review, Specs + more

With the OnePlus 7 Pro, the Chinese manufacturer has finally launched its new flagship in stunning XL format. Thanks to powerful hardware, huge OLED display and innovative camera technology, it offers you a lot of comfort in everyday life. But it comes at a BIG price, and is it worth paying?

The 7 range has become somewhat confusing of late - there is now the slightly newer OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro, but OnePlus are continuing to sell the regular 7 and 7 Pro. It really comes down to personal choice.

This model is also available in 5G - compare deals here.

Huge OLED, impressive frame rate

The OnePlus 7 Pro already impresses us with its stunning case in a range of colours, but with a length of 16.2cm and a weight of 206g, it is certainly not one of the compact lightweights. The focus is instead on a comfortable viewing and reading experience of the premium class. The large OLED display is no less than 6.67 inches tall, has an aspect ratio of 19.5: 9 and a Quad HD + resolution. Thus, you have the best conditions for high-resolution video streams in HDR10 + as confirmed by this reviewer.

Also, according to our tests, the display impresses with an extremely sharp and detailed picture. A special feature is the shortened frame rate of 90 hertz. As a result, the picture remains visibly quieter for fast-moving subjects and scrolling.

Another innovation is that the display does not need a notch for the selfie camera. In this way, the display remains symmetrical according to this review, and wins not only plus points for games and videos optically in size.

48 megapixel main camera

To make this possible, OnePlus have embossed the camera from the display surface. Instead, the 16-megapixel front camera snaps out of the case above the display as soon as you activate the Selfie mode. To mitigate damage, fall protection is installed.

In the event of an accidental fall, the camera will automatically retract before the housing bounces off the ground. The main camera has also been upgraded compared to the predecessor models.

Now 3 camera modules are used: The main sensor dissolves a total of 48 megapixels and is visually and electronically image stabilized. The second camera works with 8 megapixels and 3x optical zoom.

Much like the high-end camera smartphones from Samsung and Huawei, the OnePlus 7 Pro features an ultra-wide-angle camera with an image angle of 117 °.

Solid picture quality, wide-angle weaknesses

According to the manufacturer, cameras on board do take decent pictures, however, it does not come close to the results of the camera quality from Huawei, Samsung and Apple. This review describes the photos as sharp and balanced with natural, restrained colors. The wide-angle shots are sometimes a bit blurry and have colour fringes. The telephoto optics in turn makes the testers according to sharp images with always slight noise.

The night mode has also been improved compared to the predecessor model OnePlus 6T. If you can do without the wide-angle lens, the stronger telephoto and the retractable selfie camera, you will find a good alternative in the regular OnePlus 7.

Nice design, pleasant feel

The front design with the drawn in the metal frame display edge is similar to, inter alia, Samsung. The back is already designed individually. With the iridescent color scheme and the matte 3D Gorilla glass, the surface looks very aestheti. 

According to our reviewer, the device feels velvety, even against fingerprints it should be relatively insensitive. Unfortunately the case is not IP certified so be very careful around water - this could be disastrous, but there is some protection against dust and splash water.

Top performance, very good battery life

Let's go under the bonnet. It has a powerful Snapdragon 855 processor, which makes the OnePlus 7 Pro  one of the fastest smartphones currently. Thanks to the upto 12 GB of main memory and the fast UFS 3.0 device memory, even the most graphically complex games should run smoothly.

However, the internal memory cannot be extended by Micro SD cards. Instead, there is the option of dual SIM card operation.

The running time of the large 4000 mAh battery is absolutely suitable for everyday use. In the tests we did, enough capacity for intensive use for about 13 hours. Charging with the quick charger is also pretty rapid, as you would expect the battery is charged after half an hour to about 60 percent.

By contrast - as with the regular non-5G version, the OnePlus 7 - no wireless charging is possible. Furthermore, you also have to do without a jack for headphones.

The oneCOMPARE verdict

The OnePlus 7 Pro attracts a lot of attention with its matte finish, excellent display and pop-up camera, and it's 5G capabilities in the more expensive model.

Worthy to note also is the fast performance, which offers enough reserves even for complex applications. The main camera takes good pictures without claiming too much - but then it isn't really meant for that, anyway. As with the 5G version of the OnePlus 7, the lack of IP certification, the missing  headphone jack socket and the absence of wireless charging are among the handful of weaker points. Overall it's a great phone and arguably one of the best.

OnePlus 7 Pro Price UK

There are 2 prices:

  • OnePlus 7 Pro - £499
  • OnePlus 7 Pro 5G - £699

The main problem is the price of the 5G model at launch - but of course this will come down. Chinese manufacturers struggle to often compete at this kind of price point. The OnePlus 7 Pro costs £499 in the UK, the monthly contract price is also going to be about £35 a month on a 18 month term.

The non-5G model costs about £200 less as you can see, and this would be the one we opt for, given that 5G is still very much an "early adopter" thing and the premium is not really worth paying unless you're lucky enough to live in a 5G zone.

OnePlus 7 Pro: Specifications

  • Case
  • Dimensions: 162.6 x 75.9 x 8.8 mm
  • Weight: 206 g
  • Operating System
  • Platform: Android
  • Operating System: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Display
  • Resolution: 1440 x 3120
  • Performance
  • Memory Card:
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Autonomy
  • Battery Capacity: 4000
  • Camera
  • Front Camera: 16 MP
  • Back Camera: 48 MP
  • Connection
  • Connection Type: LTE
  • GPS:
  • SIM Capacity: 2
  • Network
  • WIFI:
  • WIFI Hotspot:
  • Bluetooth:
  • USB:

7 Pro Deals FAQs

The oneCompare robots are currently comparing 5 OnePlus 7 Pro contract deals on SIX major mobile phone network(s):

  • OnePlus 7 Pro deals on the EE network
  • OnePlus 7 Pro deals on the Vodafone network
  • OnePlus 7 Pro deals on the iD network
  • OnePlus 7 Pro deals on the O2 network
  • OnePlus 7 Pro deals on the Virgin network
  • OnePlus 7 Pro deals on the Sky Mobile network

We'll shortly be adding Tesco Mobile, Plusnet Mobile and a few more! No other comparison website offers such a huge number of possible comparisons.

7 Pro: What's the cheapest monthly deal?

The cheapest monthly cost for the 7 Pro currently is £10.50 a month. Although this varies depending on how much upfront you want to pay - if you are looking to spend about £100 upfront then there are a number of deals on the OnePlus 7 Pro available right now via pay monthly. If you prefer to compare SIM Only plans and don't need a handset or device then click here to compare

7 Pro deals: How long does delivery take?

If your device is in stock with the retailer, then most orders will be shipped by them within 24 hours so you could have your phone tomorrow morning. If it's a pre-order then we will let you know the approximate delivery date.

Is SIM Only better for 7 Pro?

Generally speaking, SIM Only is cheaper but you don't have the benefit of paying monthly for your handset like the OnePlus 7 Pro, so it only really makes financial sense if you are in the fortunate position to be able to buy the handset outright first. Yes, it works out cheaper overall if you can do that, at least nearly always - but it is really a personal preference. Find out more about SIM Only deals here

Not sure which mobile network to go for?

oneCompare completely gets it, it's not easy trying to understand the differences of each mobile network operator. Is o2 any better than Vodafone for this smartphone, when it comes to coverage? Or worse? It's a real minefield. Another example, which is better? A OnePlus 7 Pro ee contract or a OnePlus 7 Pro Tesco Mobile contract?

The reality is, it can make a huge difference to your satifaction with the overall product. Who wants to have cruddy download speeds? But never fear - oneCompare is here. Don't forget to check our latest Blog posts below.

Before you decide to buy a contract or handset, it's important to know if you'll get a signal. Who wants to be walking around into mobile network's blackholes?! After all, ordering your brand new OnePlus 7 Pro contract only to find you can't use your data (never mind going over the allowance!) in your own house will be pretty not cool.

A simple website a number of our visitors have used is Open Signal which maps signals across all major mobile networks within the UK.

So which network has the best signal?

According to Which?, in their recent research, covering June to August 2017, they focused on 4G performance and found that EE offered the fastest average 4G download speeds of the four networks (EE, O2, Three and Vodafone). While EE customers enjoyed average 4G download speeds of 29Mbps, those using the O2 network had to put up with an average speed of just 15.1Mbps.

EE's network was also at the top of the list when it came to the availability of its 4G signal, with customers able to access it 78.5% of the time. Customers with Three had the poorest access to a 4G signal - they were able to access it just 57.1% of the time - that's only just more than half the time, 24/7!

oneCompare's extensive deals & contract database checks for prices and details on 5 OnePlus 7 Pro deals, covering 1 model(s):

So what are you waiting for - search for your desired OnePlus 7 Pro handset colour, and perfect contract using our filters.

Should I buy SIM-Only, and will it save money?

In truth, this answer will depend on your personal financial circumstances, in combination with your mobile phone usage requirements.

Out of our 5 OnePlus 7 Pro deals, our cheapest OnePlus 7 Pro deal over the entire life of the contract is £917.00, this includes any upfront handset cost and cashback redemption.

oneCompare's team have seen a number of scenarios where our cheapest contract is actually cheaper than buying the phone SIM-free without any contract, this loophole can be a great way to save on your new phone and is largely possible as the Mobile networks subsidise the handset cost to gain you as a new customer.

A relatively simple SIM Only comparison calculation is to add up how much a OnePlus 7 Pro SIM Free phone would cost to buy i.e. this is where you buy the phone without a contract and pay for the full cost of the handset upfront.

The benefit here is flexibility: you're able to then compare the SIM Only contract market where Mobile networks often give you far better usage allowances and shorter contract terms. Once you've found a SIM Only contract that meets your needs, note the monthly cost over the course of 24 months and add this to your SIM Free OnePlus 7 Pro handset cost. You're now in a great position to compare this cost to a regular OnePlus 7 Pro Contract.

Did you know? You can compare SIM only deals from Sky, o2, Vodafone and all the other networks with oneCompare!

Pro Tip: A great way to save a few extra pounds when comparing SIM Only contracts, is to consider purchasing a pre owned OnePlus 7 Pro phone from the likes of MusicMagpie who provide warranties and flexible handset payment terms.

What's in the box?

If you take out a contract on this device then OnePlus will helpfully provide you with a charger, headphones, the device itself, and a few other things beside. See our full list of items below.

  1. Device
  2. Charging wire, UK plug
  3. Headphones
  4. USB Cabling
  5. Device
  6. SIM Card tool
  7. Quick-start booklet
  8. Warranty info

Boring legal bit: All deals information is obtained from third-parties and while we strive to keep it as accurate as possible, some errors may occur. If you have seen an error please notify the oneCompare deals team. oneCompare may earn a referral commission if a customer successfully purchases a contract deal via our website. Please refer to individual retailer’s terms and conditions before applying or purchasing.