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When does the Samsung Galaxy Fold launch?

The date has been announced - in the UK, it's the 18th of September 2019. Not long now, and you'll be able to get your hands on this uber-smartphone from Samsung that actually folds in your hand.

Galaxy Fold - Design

Samsung's approach to foldable phones makes a lot of sense. Rather than have a screen that folds outward and is constantly exposed to the elements, it folds in, like a book. When shut, it's really narrow, easy to hold and use in one hand, and easy to fit in a pocket.

It's quite thick when shut, essentially the same as two regular smartphones stacked on top of each other, but the narrowness certainly makes it easy to quickly perform actions on the outer display. With the right media on it, the big panel just looks eye-poppingly good. And it's a great canvas for multi-tasking (which we'll get on to in the next bit).

Galaxy Fold - Cameras

Samsung went all out with cameras on the Galaxy Fold. The main camera system on the back is exactly the same hardware as that on the Galaxy S10 and S10+. That's to say it has a primary 12-megapixel camera with dual aperture, a secondary ultra-wide camera and the third telephoto 2x zoom camera. As for that secondary screen on the front cover, that's not really designed to be used for everything, and it shows. It's really narrow and small at just 4.6 inches. The idea here is that you can do your quick interactions here: answer your calls, reply to messages, take selfies and such. Essentially, functions that don't require much time or attention.

The list of arguments for getting a new Samsung Galaxy Fold on contract can be quite long - the latest models are often very popular as well, but there are many people who value their slightly older, trusty phone and don't feel the need to get the latest bells and whistles iPhone or Samsung Galaxy model every year.

Business users may also value the idea of a SIM Only contract - particularly if your employer provides you with the phone itself but you need to pay for its use every month, then a SIM Only contract would be ideal.

In the Galaxy Fold, Samsung has created a really compelling first foldable device. We came away from our time with it wanting more, not worried about its issues at all. Having seen the 'fixed' device, we're now excited again to see what this device brings in real world use.

Another ideal candidate for SIM only may be younger users, who are in University or some other form of education and don't really want the hassle of owning the pricey latest iPhone that will likely just get lost, damaged or stolen on campus. And with mobile phone insurance costs rising particularly for students lately, going SIM only with a cheaper handset seems to be the sensible choice. Buying the handset outright is also generally cheaper, and then paying for a SIM only contract for it - although with the increasing cost of phones this is often only an option for those who are good at budgeting.

Compare prices on SIM-only deals from EE, Vodafone, Three, o2, Sky Mobile, Tesco Mobile or use the table above to compare deals from all the large & small UK networks.

What's so good about Sim Only?

Advantages of SIM only offers:
  • Often not bound to any pricey contract - or no contract at all
  • Often no need for credit checks on rolling 1 month contracts
  • Overall much cheaper than buying a new phone every year
  • Arguably better deals available - more minutes, more data
  • Access to latest tech like 5G for very little cost
  • 1 month rolling contract means you can change any time
Disadvantages of SIM only:
  • Need to pay for the handset
  • Can occasionally be more expensive vs. normal contract when buying higher-end models
  • You may need to unlock your phone first to use SIM Only

When is the best time to buy?

Generally, SIM Only deals are available year round at great prices - but oneCompare's research suggests that the very best time to buy is just before a new model launches. For example with the upcoming iPhone 11 due in a few weeks, a number of users will be waiting to get their hands on that, so networks are offering some great deals right now on SIM Only contracts before it launches in the hope to tempt you now.

If you're not looking to buy an iPhone 11 any time soon then why not take advantage of the extra special benefits from the networks that now come bundled with most Sim Only offers?

How much cheaper is SIM only?

The more expensive the phone, the more expensive the contract - thankfully that doesn't apply to SIM Only as there is obviously no handset available; you should already own it.

Therefore let's consider the true cost of buying a SIM Only deal versus taking out an expensive contract on the iPhone Xs - the cheapest deal for this model is currently £29.99 a month and with an upfront fee of £450. This means you'll end up paying about £1430 for the phone and contract in total. It has an RRP of £999.99 (for this particular colour/size model), so you're effectively paying about £429 for the contract itself. And that's a lot! If you were to go SIM Only this would cost about £120 only, meaning you'd be saving about £300 by going SIM Only.

How will I receive my SIM?

Depending on the provider and offer you will also receive all the documents of your contract by post. The SIM card is usually delivered in three parts. In other words, firstly you will receive a card and can cut/press it from the template to receive and use a mini, micro or even nano SIM card. If necessary, it can also be joined together again. For example, you can switch between an old and a new smartphone.

Sim Only deals - Credit check needed?

It is often asked if a SIM Only deal requires a credit check. It depends on the provider - most 1-month rolling SIM Only contracts do NOT require a credit check. But be sure to check this first if you are concerned about it.

How do I compare SIM only deals?

It's much the same process as if you were comparing our normal contract deals - using the table above, drag the sliders to adjust the monthly cost, and of course there is no upfront cost with SIM Only (woohoo!) - just keep playing aroung until you find the optimum deal for you.

Please note that oneCompare does not sell SIM Only contracts directly, you purchase them through our partner network. We simply compare prices on 1000s of deals to bring you the cheapest costs possible.