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About Xiaomi Mi 9 - Review, Specs + more

The Xiaomi Mi 9 has 3 cameras, feels pretty responsive and fast and is dual SIM capable. You can even charge it wirelessly. This flagship from the lesser-known Chinese manfacturer is one of the 'new dawn' of smartphones from China - gone are the days when the Chinese made cheapy, nasty handsets; nowadays these can roll with the likes of Apple and Samsung with ease.

So has Xiaomi made a quality handset here, or is it worth plumping for a more premium, high-end smartphone from Samsung? Let's find out...

Summary of contents
  1. A versatile, quality smartphone
  2. Xiaomi Mi 9: battery
  3. Future-proof , fast chip
  4. Verdict
  5. Xiaomi Mi 9 Price in UK

A versatile, quality smartphone

The Mi 9 is quite a desirable package when you look at the specs, and the price. Its display is 6.39" in length, borderless and resolves to 2340 × 1080 pixels, the pixel density is 403 ppi. Not exactly understated, this actually beats the iPhone Xr or similar range in terms of specs.

With Xiaomi firmly planting its flag on UK shores lately, its arrival has since been met in the tech community  with thunderous applause. The Chinese smartphone giant has made great strides in the West in little over a year, offering handsets with flagship features at far more palatable prices. It's scored super highly in pretty much all reviews, and this one will be no different

So what's the difference between the Mi 9 and the Xiamo Mi 9 SE? The only real difference worthy of your consideration is the size, and the slightly higher price of course - the SE is smaller, with a few other compromises, to reduce the price further. Ultimately they're both wonderful handsets and which ever you choose you can't go wrong.

The regular Mi 9 is a well-rounded package, it sits in the premium bracket in terms of features but not of price. For example, durable Gorilla Glass 6 protects against scratches and other damage, at the time of writing this is the most recent and up to date Gorilla Glass available in the UK.

Worthy of note also is that integrated dual SIM function: this allows you to use 2 SIM cards and thus 2 mobile phone connections at the same time. For example you may want to use your Sim only deal for one, and a contract for the other.

Xiaomi Mi 9: battery

The battery is 3300 mAh which is reasonbly big and given this, you can charge it wired as well as wirelessly. The operating system is Android 9.0 Pie, although oneCompare is told that Android One will be available as  free upgrade.

Future-proof , fast chip

The Mi 9 has a Snapdragon 855 with 8 cores and 6 GB of RAM. With the Adreno 640 GPU, most games should be smooth enough - even with uprated graphics settings enabled. The internal memory is not expandable but make sure that you decide which capacity suits your needs before buying: it's not expandable, so ii you need a lot of storage space,  buy the 128 GB version.

The Mi 9 naturally has a triple camera on the back. The main sensor resolves to 48 megapixels, and there is a telephoto lens for an optical zoom and selfie-style photography with the much-vaunted bokeh effect. The 3rd lens, at 20MP, is a wide-angle lens, perfect for scenery shots. 


An LED flash and additional functions such as autofocus and HDR are also included as standard, showing that Xiaomi have really pitched this phone for those who are looking at the camera high on their list of priorities.  Plus, you can  record videos in Ultra HD - at up to 60 fps.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 has a large, almost borderless display and a fast processor. In the hand it feels great, and looks the part too - you wouldn't know this phone didn't cost twice what it should have. Indeed, Xiaomi’s Mi 9 represents the very pinnacle of smartphone technology, and I’m simply astounded that it does things this well, while costing so little in return.

The Mi 9 is yet another five-star smartphone from Xiaomi, and It certainly doesn’t get any better than this. The only negative is that name, and having to tell people how brilliant this phone is, while saying the tongue-twister brand name... but I'm sure you can overcome this.

Just as practical is the triple camera setup, plus additional features such as wireless charging and dual SIM support. Alternatives are the OnePlus 6T and the Huawei Mate 20. Both of these models are similar in size and received similar ratings in tests. Where the Xiaomi really has the edge is that it's cheaper than both of those models.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Price in UK

In the UK at launch the Xiamo Mi 9 costs £399. It's now available for about 100 notes less than this, as the price has fallen. So that really makes it a steal and definitely a 5/5 from us.

Xiaomi Mi 9: Specifications

  • Case
  • Dimensions: 157.5 x 74.7 x 7.6 mm
  • Weight: 173 g
  • Operating System
  • Platform: Android
  • Operating System: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Display
  • Resolution: 1080 x 2340
  • Performance
  • Memory Card:
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Autonomy
  • Battery Capacity: 3300
  • Camera
  • Front Camera: 20 MP
  • Back Camera: 48 MP
  • Connection
  • Connection Type: LTE
  • GPS:
  • SIM Capacity: 2
  • Network
  • WIFI:
  • WIFI Hotspot:
  • Bluetooth:
  • USB: